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Title: Recovery
Fandom: RPS
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Prompt: 075. Shade.
[ profile] fanfic100 table: here
Word Count: 1,334
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Actual blowjob!
Summary: For [ profile] strgazr04’s prompt in the J2 Hurt/Comfort Comment Fic Meme: Jared helps Jensen after his Lasik surgery.

Jared sits in the waiting room with his leg bouncing up and down at a rate that probably can’t be measured. He keeps telling himself that it’s not a big deal, and that Jensen will be fine, and he knows all of that is most likely true, but, the thing is, Jensen’s worried. Jensen’s generally the stoic one who calms Jared about everything, and he’s hard to rattle. But, as much as Jensen wants this Lasik surgery done, he’s been opening up to Jared the past few days about how much it actually scares him, because these are his eyes they’re talking about, and if anything happens to his vision…

Jared clears his throat and stands, pacing the room and trying to take deep breaths. Jensen already asked Jared for help. He asked Jared for simple things, like just being his ride to and from the surgery, and then he asked Jared to make sure that he followed all post-op procedures down to the last detail; to make sure that nothing was done wrong once they went home, so that he wouldn’t have or cause any major problems. And Jared? Jared promised. It was kind of a no-brainer, seeing as how they live together and are in a serious relationship, so of course Jared would take care of Jensen. But Jensen actually asked. So, Jared needs to stop, take a breath, and calm down. He has to be the Jensen in the relationship this time.

When Jensen is finished, it’s all Jared can do to not bombard Jensen with a million questions. What was it like? Was it weird? Does it hurt? CAN YOU SEE?! But he manages to hold back, and when Jensen gives him a little smile, Jared smiles back and hugs him.

“I told you you’d be okay,” he murmurs before letting Jensen go, and Jensen’s smile falters a bit.

“I still have to recover. And my eye’s bruised. Just…one step at a time, okay?” Jensen says, looking up at Jared. Jared nods, grabs the sunglasses hanging on his shirt, and slips them over Jensen’s nose.

“Come on, let’s get you out to the car.” Jared keeps a hand hovering at Jensen’s elbow just in case, but Jensen manages well enough on his own. Once Jared starts the car up, Jensen sighs, and it’s half-relieved and half-troubled. “Close your eyes,” Jared orders gently. “You need to rest them.” He doesn’t start driving until Jensen’s head rests back against the seat, a sign that he’s complying.

“It’s hurting now,” Jensen says when they reach their house and Jared helps him up the steps. “And I keep getting that feeling like something’s in my eye.”

“Alright,” Jared answers easily, even though butterflies start flitting around in his stomach. “Let’s just get you into bed, get you your meds, and let you rest.” He sees Jensen’s hand start to move up under the sunglasses, what he imagines to be a natural, semi-conscious reflex to eye irritation, and he manages to gently grab Jensen’s hand in his own instead of smacking it away. “No touching,” he says quietly. “Doctor’s orders.”

Jared swears he hears Jensen gulp, and he knows that Jensen is stressing himself out over this recovery process going the way they both want it to. He takes the sunglasses off of Jensen once they’re in the house and gets Jensen up the stairs, strips them both, and maneuvers Jensen into bed. He takes water, pain meds, and eye drops with him, not wanting to leave Jensen alone for too long, for fear that Jensen will accidentally rub his eyes.

“You know, nothing said I had to be lazy after the surgery,” Jensen says, pouting a little. “Don’t you think bed’s a little extreme?”

“Nope!” Jared answers, handing Jensen a pill and some water to wash it down. He waits and watches Jensen swallow, nodding and taking another deep breath, just grateful that things are going as well as they should so far. “Not for the first day, anyway.” He sets the water on pills aside on the bedside table and grabs the eye drops. “Remember, no strenuous activity, and lots of rest for your eyes. Lay back.” Jensen reclines easily with Jared’s hand lightly pushing on his chest. “No reading, no TV, none of that.” His hand shakes a bit, and he takes a second to calm himself, then squeezes drops of liquid into each of Jensen’s eyes, watching Jensen blink in response. “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“I hope so,” Jensen says, watching Jared set the drops aside, too. “I’ll get bored.” He forces a laugh, then gets more serious, swallowing hard. “I can see you really well right now. I just hope it stays that way.”

Jared smiles at Jensen and leans down to kiss him lightly on the lips. “It will,” he says, beginning to feel a bit less nervous, himself. “I promise.”

Jensen fidgets beneath the sheets. “What if I rub my eyes in my sleep?”

Jared grins and reaches in the drawer of the bedside table, pulling out a sleep mask. “Come on, I’m prepared! Don’t be stupid, dude,” he says, then wiggles his eyebrows. “It makes you real easy to take advantage of.”

Jensen somehow refrains from rolling his eyes and smirks. “No strenuous activity, remember?”

“Right,” Jared answers, quickly slipping the mask over Jensen’s eyes. He flushes, feeling playful and flirty, back to his old self, now that he’s gotten Jensen this far. “So, let me do all the work.” He kisses Jensen again, then moves under the sheets and starts kissing down Jensen’s body.

“Jared,” Jensen breathes, still sounding a little unsure, even if he is turned on. “Maybe we shouldn’t…”

“You’ll be fine,” Jared whispers against Jensen’s skin, licking just below his belly button. “I promise.” He gets his hands on Jensen’s thighs, light pressure to keep him down. Jensen’s already getting hard, and Jared just nips and licks at Jensen’s belly and thighs until Jensen’s ready, licking up the underside of Jensen’s dick.

Jared knows it’s slow and torturous, and he almost feels a little mean, but he closes his lips around the head of Jensen’s dick and lingers there for a moment, tongue stroking over the frenulum. He pulls off when Jensen grabs his hair and reinforces his grip on Jensen’s thighs, keeping his hips down. “I told you to take it easy,” he growls, and Jensen just whines and slips his fingers out of Jared’s hair. It happens more than once, after Jared finally starts taking more of Jensen in, after he starts a painfully slow rhythm, head bobbing over Jensen’s crotch, lips and tongue slipping up and down Jensen’s shaft, leaving it all spit-slick. Every time Jensen starts to move, starts to put effort into it, Jared stops and pulls off completely, leaving Jensen cursing and begging.

But Jensen eventually learns that level of self-control, even if it does almost kill him, and Jared hollows his cheeks and pushes all the way down Jensen’s shaft to pull that slow-building orgasm out of Jensen, listening to Jensen’s shouts and moans and taking each pulse of come in his throat. He swallows rapidly, getting it all down, and he feels a little high when he pulls off for the last time, reaching for his own dick and quickly jerking off onto Jensen’s belly, flopping next to Jensen when he’s finished to catch his breath.

“I almost hate you for that,” Jensen says, licking his lips. “Almost.”

Jared laughs, chest still heaving. “Forgot all about your eyes, though, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jensen sounds satisfied, but tired, and Jared pulls himself up out of bed to clean Jensen up, then slides back in, pulling the covers up over them both. Jensen turns into Jared’s arms, and Jared holds him, kissing Jensen’s forehead and closing his eyes. “Thanks, Jay. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” Jared says, slipping a leg between Jensen’s. “And there’s no need to thank me. Just get some rest.”


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