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Title: Morning Shower
Fandom: RPS
Characters/Pairings: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Danneel, J2/Danneel, implied foursome
Prompt: 066. Rain.
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Word Count: 1,160
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn: BJ, rimming
Summary: Jensen has company in the shower on the morning of his birthday. This takes place some time after this.

Jensen's got the spray on his shoulders, eyes closed and head tilted back to wash the shampoo out of his hair, when the shower door slides open. He barely hears it. In fact, it doesn't fully register in his mind until Danneel's already in front of him, naked and pressing her body up against his. He opens his eyes, arms immediately moving to hold her there, and she opens his mouth with her own, tongue slipping past his lips as her nipples harden against him. He moans, already hard, grip on her tightening. He moves to lift her, to wrap her around him and fuck in the shower.

Danneel shrugs Jensen off and smiles at him, eyes burning into his before she starts kissing her way down his body. She nips in some places, namely over his stomach, a little slip of teeth over soft, wet skin, taking her time going down. When she finally gets to her knees, she licks up the underside of Jensen's dick with the tip of her tongue, teasing. Jensen pulls in a sharp breath, and then she's gripping the base of him with her right hand and slipping her lips over the head, warm, wet mouth encircling it.

Jensen moans, letting her know how good it feels, how much he enjoys it as she begins to take more of him in, mouth pushing up and down his length, tongue stroking as she moves. It's something beautiful to watch, and he looks down at her, his hand coming to rest on her jaw, thumb gently brushing over her cheek where it's hollowed. He doesn't push, doesn't rush her or demand, just lets them both enjoy each other in this moment.

It's a surprise when the shower door slides open again, a warm body stepping in behind Jensen. Danneel never stops moving, just looks up at Jensen as arms wrap around him from behind, large palms splayed over his stomach. Jensen knows the feel of Jared even before that hard body presses up against him, erection rubbing over his ass, slipping over his lower back.

"Happy birthday, Jensen," Jared murmurs huskily in Jensen's ear, nipping at the lobe. Jensen flushes, body temperature rising, head leaning back even as his hips push forward, dick pulsing precome in Danneel's mouth.

Jared leans forward to kiss Jensen when Jensen's head rolls to the side. Jensen's pulling Jared's tongue in, expecting more, when Jared pulls away as Danneel did, soft, wet kisses pressed to Jensen's spine as Jared lowers to his knees.

Jared kisses right down to the swell of Jensen's ass, and then his hands cup it, thumbs parting Jensen just enough to get his mouth in closer. Jensen gasps and jolts at the first feel of Jared's lips and tongue against his hole. Unexpected pleasure shoots up his spine, and his hands flail out to brace himself against the shower wall, the door, hips bucking wildly. He's never felt anything like this. They're still new to this, to being a foursome, and there are things they've talked about but haven't gotten around to doing. They all just do what feels right in the moment, and this, Danneel sucking Jensen while Jared rims him for the first time, feels perfect.

It’s a shock, that wet, insistent push where he’s never felt it before, but it makes everything build so much faster, and Jensen doesn’t know how to stop it, to slow this down and enjoy it longer. Jared shifts behind him, using just one big hand to keep him spread open, the other hand sneaking up between Jensen’s legs, palming his balls. Jensen’s hips stutter, and he chokes on a groan, head dropping back into the spray of the shower again, eyes squeezing shut as he tries to hold on just a little bit longer. But Jared’s hand doesn’t stop there. Jared shifts a little more, reaching further, wrist skirting over Jensen’s balls, fingers bumping up against the base of his dick and slipping into Danneel’s mouth with it. Danneel moans around them both, and Jensen bites out a curse, dick pulsing, heat and pressure coiling deep inside of him. He chances a look down, feels Jared’s fingers pull away from him, mouth still working over his hole, and Daneel meets Jensen’s eyes and pushes down as far she can, nearly taking him into her throat.

Jensen shakes, his orgasm rushing through him. His eyes roll back and he comes, the world whiting out for a moment. He almost loses his balance, but Jared gets back up on his feet in time to press snugly against him again, arms holding tight as Jensen loses control. It’s hot, too hot, three bodies and the rain of the shower adding to Jensen’s climax and making him feel like he’s going to come out of his fucking skin.

“Shh,” Jared soothes, rubbing a hand over Jensen’s belly, and Jensen jolts in his arms, Danneel still swallowing the last of his come. Jensen both hears and feels Jared’s dark chuckle against his ear. “That’s it...just like that.” Jared nips at Jensen’s earlobe again. “Like that.”

Danneel only lets him slip free when he starts to go soft. Jensen sighs, chest heaving. He tries to breathe, to pull himself back together. When he drowsily opens his eyes again, Danneel is standing in front of him, smiling.

“Happy birthday, babe.”

He can’t seem to form any words or coherent thoughts yet, but she kisses him. He can taste himself in her, and he finally manages to rest his hands on her hips as she moves in closer. He’s between the two of them now, Jared hard as hell behind him, and Danneel in front of him, and as he comes to his senses, he realizes that he doesn’t know what to do; how to repay them both, here and now.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” Jared murmurs, slapping Jensen’s ass. Danneel laughs and pulls away, and Jensen’s never felt so bewildered.

“But...I should...” Danneel and Jared laugh together, and Jensen realizes that they must have talked about this before coming in here. He wonders what Gen’s been up to all this time.

“You two have to get to work,” Danneel says, grabbing her body wash and lathering up. She shrugs, grinning at him teasingly. “You can take care of us later. It’s your birthday!”

“Mmm,” Jared agrees. “Maybe you fuck me again later, huh?”

Jensen turns to his best friend and sees the shy look beneath all of that lust. The four of them had been going at it for a short while now, trying different things, but last night was the first time the two of them had gone that far, Jensen finding himself thrusting into Jared from behind. Jared hadn’t gotten off on it, still needing a helping hand after, but Jensen feels a swell of pride as he realizes how much Jared actually enjoyed it and still wants it.

“Yeah, maybe.”

Date: 2015-07-03 05:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] enablelove.livejournal.com
LOVED the descriptions in this

Date: 2015-07-24 03:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] timehasa-way.livejournal.com
Gah, super late comment is super late! Thank you!! ♥


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