These Eyes

Aug. 24th, 2014 09:30 pm
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Title: These Eyes
Fandom: RPS
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Prompt: 054. Air.
[ profile] fanfic100 table: here
Word Count: 1,060
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BJ, frottage, and language
Summary: Jared has a thing for demon!Dean.

The thing Jared’s most grateful for, aside from having Jensen, is that their relationship is never stale. Their lives, their careers, they never get old. The sex never gets old. Every change is new and exciting, and Jared’s grown to love the instability of their characters. He loves it for the fresh starts, the thrill. And he loves it for moments like this.

He’s standing in Jensen’s apartment in Vancouver, back and ass pressed up against the glass of the floor-length windows, and he doesn’t even care. Any chance they’ll be seen is slim to none, unless someone with binoculars on a boat out in the harbor gets real curious, but that almost makes it better. His legs shake as he looks down at the man in front of him, and he can’t help the gasp or the shudder that runs through him.

Demon Dean has been a welcome addition to the show, and he’s here now, Jensen looking up at Jared with perfectly black eyes. The contacts aren’t often used anymore, but they’re available, and bringing them home only turned into this, Jensen’s full lips fitting perfectly around Jared’s dick while giving in to a more spontaneous, more daring side of himself. He takes Jared in as far as he can, eyes closing for a moment. When he opens them again, he moans loudly, the sound muffled, then drags his tongue along the underside of Jared’s dick as he slowly pulls back, just the head keeping his lips parted.

Jared gasps again, the tip of Jensen’s tongue flicking over the frenulum before he pushes back down, eyes staying open and up. Jared knows Jensen can’t see, knows it’s like being blindfolded, having those contacts in, and he wonders if that makes Jensen even harder, even more excited. He feels his dick move over Jensen’s tongue, knows he just filled Jensen’s mouth with more precome. He can tell by the way Jensen moans appreciatively at the taste, the way Jensen sucks and pulls back up towards the head to lick around it.

“You like that?” Jared asks, and his voice is all breathy and weak, trying to use the air he can barely take in. There’s a change in Jensen’s features, the quirk of an eyebrow, then the slight crinkle around those deep black eyes, the slight uptick of Jensen’s mouth at the corner where it starts to pull away from Jared’s dick in a sly smirk. Just like a fucking demon. Jensen’s left hand rests on Jared’s hip, but his right finds its way back between Jared’s legs, the tips of two fingers pushing up behind his balls, and up further, rubbing insistently at Jared’s hole. “Oh, shit. Fuck.”

Jared’s head thumps back against the glass, his eyes closed as he tries to breathe, heat building in his lower body and clawing its way up to take that breath away. He wants to look at Jensen, to keep watching, but Jensen is killing him like this, the sight of the demon below him now burned into the backs of his eyelids. Jensen’s winning and Jared knows it, a sharp cry leaving his throat as Jensen presses the tip of a finger inside of him, lips and tongue now moving up and down the length of him at a quick pace. It’s aggressive and messy, wet and sticky from saliva and precome, some of it dripping past Jared’s balls and undoubtedly down Jensen’s chin, obscene, slick noises and encouraging moans filling Jared’s ears, Jensen’s finger creating more of a burn where it’s shoving deeper inside, crooking and rubbing.

Jared jolts and chokes on his own saliva, then looks down at Jensen again, chest heaving, nipples hard. He pushes his fingers through Jensen’s hair, the hair he’s been able to grow as this new version of his character, and it’s beautiful. Jared grabs onto it, loves the feel of it between his fingers, and the illusion of control it gives him as he thrusts forward a little, but Jensen’s the one who’s got him, still staring up at him as he keeps his pace, as if nothing has changed.

Jensen’s finger strokes Jared’s insides, and when Jared’s knees nearly buckle, Jensen knows that’s it. There’s that sound, that little smirk again, and then, just to be as evil as possible, Jensen gives Jared just the slightest hint of his teeth as he’s pulling back.

Jared’s eyes widen as his hips stutter, and he cries out, his entire body stiffening as his eyes then squeeze shut, and he comes, fingers twisting in Jensen’s hair. He helplessly moans and whimpers his way through it as Jensen swallows around him, finger still probing inside him until there’s nothing left. Until Jared nearly sobs with the stimulation, and Jensen pulls out and pulls off with an obscenely wet sound.

When it’s over, Jared opens his eyes and sees Jensen still looking up at him, eyes still dark, cheeks red, hair mussed, and lips and chin glistening. He lowers himself down to the floor, limbs shaky, and pulls Jensen in for a kiss. Jared’s head spins with the way their tastes mix together, Jensen sighing and pressing his tongue against Jared’s, grateful for this attention. Jared keeps one hand resting on the back of Jensen’s head, fingers playing in his hair, the other stroking its way down Jensen’s body and wrapping around his dick. It’s hard, and already soaked, and Jensen grunts and grabs onto Jared, never breaking the kiss as he pushes Jared down onto the floor and rolls on top of him.

Jared’s hand falls away, but Jensen’s just thrusting against him now, Jared shivering a little when their dicks touch. But it doesn’t take long, Jensen breaking away and nuzzling into Jared’s neck, his climax muffled as he shoves down hard a few more times and then comes between them, warm and thick. He sighs when he’s finished, body relaxing, and they stay like that for a few moments until Jared rolls Jensen off of him, kissing him and smiling at him.

“That was amazing.”

“Mmm.” Jensen stretches and yawns, then finally reaches up to remove the contacts, keeping them in his hand as he squints and adjusts to the light. “I thought you’d like it.”

“Come on,” Jared says, getting an arm beneath Jensen and helping them both up. “Let’s go shower.”


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