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Chapter Two

“Hey!” Jared greeted Jensen at the doors again before the next class, phone in hand. “I tried texting you. I didn’t see you respond to Danneel’s email.”

“Shoot, what’d I miss?” Jensen felt around his pockets before finding the one with his phone in it, pulling it out and frowning. “Of course I left it on silent.” He sighed and shook his head. “Sorry. Work.”

“That’s alright.” Jared waved him off. “Danneel’s running late, but enough people still wanted to do the class to still have it. We just have some time to kill, if you’re in?”

Jensen looked up at Jared, surprised. He hadn’t had time to kill with another person in a while, and he wasn’t expecting the extended interaction. Jared’s hair fell in his face as he waited for Jensen to respond, and Jensen’s eyes darted away from Jared’s hopeful ones, hand rubbing at the back of his neck.

“Sure,” he said, somewhat reluctantly, if only for the flutter in his stomach. “Yeah, I’m still in. What should we do?”

Jared looked around and then shrugged. “I mean, we could stay here and get more acquainted with people, or…coffee?” His tone was tentative, and the briefest pause had him shaking his head. “Not to be…I mean, I’m not trying to suggest anything, I just thought it would be nice to go somewhere different.”

“No, no, I get it.” Jensen swallowed hard, almost releasing a panicked laugh as he remembered Gran’s conversation with him in the car after the first class they had together. “Sure. Let’s, uh…Let’s go get some coffee.”

The café that Jared led Jensen to was in walking distance, and it was cozy and inviting, the smell more than tempting. It didn’t take long for the warmth of the drinks and Jared’s personality to put Jensen more at ease, a better conversation flowing between them. He wasn’t sure how he always managed to forget the connection he felt with Jared.

“What about you?” Jensen asked, after he told Jared about his job as a paralegal. “What do you do for a living?”

“I work in web design,” Jared answered, taking another sip of his coffee. “I do a lot of freelance work, so it isn’t set hours. That’s part of why I still end up at the Lighthouse as much as I do.”

Jensen waited a moment before changing the subject, his mind on what got them here. “What was your grandfather like?”

“He was great,” Jared answered immediately, then thought a bit more, his expression pensive. “He was…complicated. The thing is, he really was a great guy, and everybody knew that. And deep down, he knew what was right, he just couldn’t always express it in the right way, or he was just going on force of habit. You’re lucky, you know.”

Jensen cocked his head, not expecting the statement. “Why’s that?”

“Well, I don’t mean to pry or…assume. But your gran seems to be…accepting. Encouraging, even.” Jared shifted uncomfortably when Jensen didn’t follow his train of thought. “You know, of your ‘lifestyle’.”

He used finger quotes, and Jensen understood immediately, his heart going out to Jared. “You mean being gay?” Jared nodded, and Jensen sighed. “Yeah. Sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve what I ended up with. There was being adopted in the first place, and then being adopted by someone who just…loved me.”

“Yeah. And he did. My grandfather, I mean,” Jared clarified, perking up a little. “I don’t know, it was…odd. He supported me in everything else, and I still looked up to him for other reasons, you know? And it wasn’t like he hated me for it, it was just this sort of…annoyance, like I was just acting out. I still loved him and took care of him when he needed it.” He drained the rest of his cup. “The good thing is, it was all alright in the end. I told you the Lighthouse can get you through tough times, bring you together.” Jensen nodded. “Somehow, he became more tolerant, turned things around. Stopped telling me to get serious and find a girl.” They both laughed as Jared rolled his eyes. “He eventually accepted all of it, told me he’d been wrong and wanted me to be happy. All good.”

Jensen smiled and reached over, laying his hand over Jared’s. “I’m glad.”


When Jensen walked with Gran to the car, he allowed her hand to rest on his arm this time instead of leading her, something that had been mentioned in class. She stepped ahead of him when they got to the vehicle, opening her own door, and he allowed her, sensing the satisfaction she had in not having him try to do everything for her.

“So…class ran late?”

“It started late,” Jensen clarified, starting the car and flipping the headlights on. He let the silence lapse for as long as he could. “So we got coffee.”

Glancing over at Gran, all he saw was her wide grin, and it was followed by a low chuckle that became a loud, satisfied, I told you so laugh.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jensen mocked. “Whatever.”


Hey, saw an accident on the news. You get home okay?

Jared heard his phone buzz on the nightstand as he was getting ready for bed. He walked over to pick it up, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. He almost lost the toothbrush completely when he saw that the notification was a text from Jensen. He answered quickly that he was okay and thanked Jensen for checking on him.

Getting himself together, Jared put the phone back down and finished up in the bathroom before coming back out and turning the lights off, climbing into bed.

“It’s just a text,” he told himself, closing his eyes as he replayed the day in his mind. “It was just coffee.”

But he couldn’t help smiling, thinking of Jensen’s hand on his. He truly hadn’t meant anything by asking Jensen to coffee; it was a friendly gesture as much as anything else, and he enjoyed spending time with Jensen in any capacity. Still, he couldn’t stop the flutter of his heart. He felt the change from how disappointed he’d been when Jensen hadn’t texted him the first night they’d met to how happy he was to have Jensen text him tonight; to know that Jensen had thought about him and even worried about him outside of class and the Lighthouse. Jensen cared, and he held onto that thought as he fell asleep, even if it didn’t mean anything more than friendship.


A nearby hotel was nice enough to accommodate them for their next class. Danneel happily announced a “class trip” and asked them to partner up. Jensen already had a partner, of course. It felt a little odd, but somewhat comforting, to text Jared his address. It felt like officially having a new friend; someone who was all-in on this with him. Jared had offered to pick him up, and Jensen obliged, trying to ignore Gran’s comments about the two of them going to a hotel together.

Jensen practically bolted from the house when he heard Jared’s car, and sliding into the passenger seat felt strangely familiar, though it was the first time. “Thanks again for this.”

“Anytime,” Jared said, pulling away from the curb. “I saw Donna earlier today. I’ve never seen someone so happy about taking a bus.”

“Yeah,” Jensen laughed. “She insisted this morning. I was worried, but she called me when she got to the Lighthouse. She actually told me she thought you were checking up on her for me.”

Jared blushed a little, dimples showing. “I might have been. But I also just wanted to see her.”

Those words were unexpected, and Jensen felt a new warmth in his chest. He wasn’t sure how to respond, and they rode in silence for a bit. “You know, since she adopted me, I’m not sure anybody’s ever looked out for her, except for me. Not that she’s needed it,” he added. “She’s always been strong and self-sufficient. But it’s…nice.”

“It’s nothing,” Jared said, shrugging and keeping his eyes fixed on the road. “I mean, she’s just an awesome lady. She draws people in.”

But nobody’s cared as much as you, Jensen thought, the words not making it past his lips. “Do you get this caught up in everyone’s lives at the Lighthouse?”

The question came out before he could think about it, and he realized as he said it that it sounded too personal, or even accusatory. But Jared took no offense and answered honestly.

“No. I mean, I have, but…not quite like this.” Jared parked the car, Jensen surprised that he hadn’t even realized they’d reached their destination. “I’ve definitely made a lot of friends there. And they’re like family, like I said. I care about all of them, and sometimes it’s been tough, because people come and go. Some of the more elderly members are no longer with us. It’s hard to deal with that kind of thing, but it’s worth it.” He hesitated before turning to Jensen, their eyes meeting. “But you’re the first person I’ve picked up and taken to coffee, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Jensen’s heart beat a little faster. “Jared…are we…”

He trailed off uselessly, and Jared thought for a moment and then smiled. “Late,” he said, ending Jensen’s sentence for him. “We’re late. Come on, let’s go in.”


Jensen blinked in the darkness behind the mask simulating total blindness. It was the last in a series of masks they’d been asked to try for this class. Others simulated other visual impairments, like glaucoma and macular degeneration. The whole process had been enlightening, but this one had the most personal impact on Jensen, for obvious reasons. For a moment, he was caught up in emotion, knowing that this darkness was what Gran faced every day, after so many years of sight. He wondered if it was easier or more difficult, having had so much time without impaired vision.

“You okay?” Jared asked, voice soft just beside Jensen’s ear.

“Yeah,” Jensen breathed, pulling himself together. “I just didn’t expect this to be my first experience of being blindfolded by you.”

It was a stupid, cheap joke, and one that was more bold than Jensen had been as of late, but Jared’s answering chuckle helped to ground him in the moment. “Ready to trust-fall into my arms?” Jared quipped, but Danneel’s instructions interrupted them before Jensen could answer.

Despite Jared’s closeness, Jensen jolted when Jared suddenly grabbed him to begin leading him incorrectly, which Jensen now understood, and he wondered when he would stop feeling terrible about the way he’d acted before coming to the Lighthouse. It was much easier when they demonstrated the correct way of leading, Jensen’s hand resting on Jared’s elbow and following, easily falling into step with him. He listened to Jared’s gentle alerts letting him know they’d reached a corner or an escalator.

Jensen was surprised how relaxed he felt, able to navigate without fully relinquishing control. Of course, his personal feelings began to play into the experience, as much as he tried to ignore them. The ride on the escalator felt long, but in a pleasant way; in a way that Jensen could feel the closeness of Jared on the step in front of him, and the warmth of Jared’s arm as Jensen’s hand slipped up a little. He chided himself for having such thoughts during something that was supposed to be meaningful, and it was. Jensen was just surprised by his inability to deny Jared’s presence in his life, even when he couldn’t see him. Beyond that, he did trust Jared, and he felt oddly safe allowing Jared to lead the way. He felt blindsided, flustered, his heart beating a little faster as they went back up the escalator and moved to the next step.

Luckily, the next step distracted Jensen from his personal thoughts and put him back on task. He found himself almost perfectly capable of working his way around plates, cups, and utensils at a small dinner table. Danneel reminded everyone that they often go through the motions of eating, drinking, and brushing their teeth without necessarily watching everything they do. It was a moment where Jensen dropped his guilt and negativity and felt relieved and a bit more peaceful, knowing that not all of Gran’s daily activities were as difficult as he’d initially imagined.

But Jensen couldn’t keep his personal feelings at bay for too long. The exercise over, Jared’s hands were on him again, expected and gentle, but still causing a jump in Jensen’s pulse. He tried not to think about the warmth and slow confidence in Jared’s touch; tried not to think about how he didn’t need to see Jared to be caught up in his presence. And then Jared lifted the mask, and Jensen was met with Jared’s searching eyes and ever-present smile.

“How was that?” Jared asked, and Jensen wasn’t sure he had a coherent answer, choosing to be distracted by Danneel’s call for attention instead.


Once the class was over, Jensen felt more disappointed than he thought he would; almost dismayed, really. As afraid as he was of whatever feelings he was experiencing, he hadn’t enjoyed someone else’s company this much in a very long time. And the attraction almost felt like an entirely new thing, it had been so long.

Jared looked down at him, bottom lip between his teeth and eyes a bit dimmer than usual, mirroring Jensen’s feelings. “I’ll drive you home, huh?”

They started walking towards the lobby and made it out to the parking lot before Jensen suddenly stopped. He felt a pit in his chest, anxiety, maybe even fear. But he just couldn’t bring himself to end the night and go home. Jared stopped just ahead of him, turning back and looking at him quizzically.

“Maybe…” Jensen took a deeper breath, suddenly feeling short on air as he slowly met Jared’s eyes. “Maybe we stay?”

Jared straightened, expression turning serious. “You mean…overnight at the hotel?”

“Yeah.” Jensen nodded, blowing out that breath and running his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know if that’s too much, or if it’s weird, but I just…I can’t go home now.”

“Are you sure about that?” Jared asked, stepping closer, eyebrows raised. “You sure you won’t spend the night worrying yourself about Donna?”

Jensen paused, thinking. He felt the worry nagging at him, but not as much as before. He knew it would be there on some level, but he also knew when to move on. He shook his head. “I can’t keep doing that. She doesn’t even want me to. Hell, you should’ve heard the comments she was making about tonight.”

“Really?” Jared looked away for a moment, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips. “What kind of comments?”

Jensen chuckled, feeling a bit more at ease now that he’d taken the leap and made the suggestion. “Let’s just say she wouldn’t have any problem with me spending the night here.” The words with you fell off of the sentence when he said it. He was still a little unsure, and he didn’t want to say anything too serious too fast.

There was silence for a moment, Jared’s laugh fading as he thought it over. His hair fell in his face, and he looked at Jensen from beneath the long strands, a quiet, tentative nod making Jensen’s heart race.

“Okay,” Jensen said. “I’ve got the room.” He held up a hand before Jared could protest. “I’m treating myself, and you’ve done plenty for me lately.” He looked at Jared and tilted his head towards the hotel doors. “Come on.”

Though they made the decision together, they moved slowly, still hesitant about what they were getting themselves into and what it meant. Jensen could feel the butterflies in his stomach, but he ignored them, heading to the front desk with a smile on his face. He was tense as he requested a room for the two of them, wondering if there would be any kind of reaction.

The woman at the desk stopped poking at the computer and looked at them. “Two queens?” she asked, her voice neutral.

Jensen froze for a second. He knew that he and Jared had made a decision, and that neither of them were stupid. But what if Jared didn’t want to share a bed with him? What if Jensen himself realized once they got in there that all they wanted to do was be friends, hang out, and unwind? He almost looked back at Jared, feeling the heat of a blush moving up his neck, wondering if his next decision would make things awkward. But when Jared didn’t speak up and say yes to the offer of the room with two queens, Jensen took his silence as approval and tried to seem like he was confident in what he was doing.

“No, uh, one king.”

The statement went over without any fuss, and Jensen realized with relief that he didn’t need to be so self-conscious. The transaction over with, he handed Jared one of the room keys and set off for the elevators.

They stood in the elevator in silence, standing in a way as to not be too close, but not too far apart, either, unsure of coming on too strong. But Jensen could feel the tension between them; could feel that Jared wanted to touch him when he fidgeted uncomfortably beside him. It was a silly thing, but Jensen actually felt bold when he let his hand slip alongside Jared’s as he stepped off the elevator ahead of him. Jared’s hands were warmer than they’d been in class. Jensen could imagine the palms were sweaty, and it made him feel better to know he wasn’t the only adult freaking out about an adult situation. He had to keep his own hands from shaking when trying to slide the key card into the slot on the room’s door.

The room itself was a standard hotel room, nothing fancy. Jared stepped in behind Jensen and closed the door quietly. Jensen heard him lock it and stared at the bed looming before them. He was sure the air was on in the room, but he couldn’t feel it, the blush he’d been fighting taking over.

“Jensen?” Jared’s voice was so quiet, a tentative push to tell him what was going on. He cleared his throat and spoke again. “Are you…” Jensen turned to Jared, surprised to see such a battle of emotions in his expression. Jared fidgeted again, a ball of both lust and anxiety. “Look, if we…Are we…I’m sorry.” He laughed nervously, and Jensen instinctively reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing lightly. Jared squeezed back and held on. “I know we could just do this, and it could just be a fun thing, but I don’t…I get attached. And I wouldn’t have agreed to this if I wasn’t already. But if we do this, I don’t want…” There was pain in Jared’s expression as he trailed off, past experiences catching up to him. “I’m sorry, I should’ve brought this up outside, before you went and booked the room.”

Jensen swallowed, suddenly feeling guilty for starting this. “Don’t do that,” he chided softly. “Don’t apologize. Especially not about money.” He smiled a little, trying to make Jared more comfortable. “You don’t owe me any sexual favors for that. I know you’re not a lady of the night.” Jared laughed, some tension easing from his body, and Jensen released his hand and walked over to the bed, sitting down on the edge.

“So…” Jared started, after a beat, following Jensen and slowly sitting down next to him. “You’re not…”

Jensen breathed deeply, trying to relax more himself, now that they were both sitting on a bed in a hotel room together. “I’m not what?”

“I don’t know.” Jared sighed, looking down at his hands. “People think guys, we’re just supposed to always go right for it no matter what, you know?”

Jensen shrugged. “Well, maybe you’re just not wired that way.”

Jared looked up at him, his eyes searching for a moment. Then he laughed again, and Jensen felt his own happiness bubbling up at the sound. “You’re so nonchalant about it.”

“Because it’s fine,” Jensen said, reassuring. His happiness ebbed a little with the thought that Jared expected something different, like anger or disgust. He sighed. “In all honesty, sometimes I think I’m not wired to get attached like you are.”

“What do you mean?” Jared asked, and Jensen heard the note of disappointment in his voice. “You don’t seem...difficult to get close to.”

“You saying I’m easy?” Jensen responded, eyebrows raised, then laughed at Jared’s mortified expression and stuttering. “It’s alright. I know what you mean. And it’s...been a little different with you,” he admitted.

Jared shifted beside him, ducking his head. “That’s a good sign, isn’t it?” He sounded hopeful, and Jensen felt nervous again. “Can I ask how long you’ve been single?”

“Well,” Jensen kicked his shoes off, “I actually broke up with a guy I’d been with for a couple years when Gran started having health problems. I was caught up in helping her, but it wasn’t just because I was too worried. I realized I just cared more about her than I did about him, you know? It felt like we were just together out of habit. And she never liked him, anyway.” He paused in a slightly awkward silence. “What about you?”

“It’s been a long time,” Jared said after a while, and Jensen hated that he already sounded rejected. “I don’t know, I guess I’m just the weird guy who spends all his time with old people and doesn’t get into the scene.” He shrugged. “I’m kind of a nerd. Just not interesting enough, I guess.”

Jensen elbowed him, wanting to do anything to cheer him up. “We’re too old to worry about being one of the cool kids.”

Jared huffed a laugh and looked over at Jensen, a little more relaxed and almost grateful. He put his hand over Jensen’s on the bed and just held it there for a moment. Jensen saw that hope in Jared’s eyes again, and his heart sped up as Jared leaned over, his lips brushing against Jensen’s.

“You really wanna do this?” Jensen whispered, though the last thing he wanted to do at the moment was talk, his heart thundering in his ears now.

“Yeah,” Jared answered, his breath mixing with Jensen’s. “Whatever happens after...I want this.”

Jensen’s left hand pressed down into the bed to steady himself, right hand meeting Jared’s waist as their lips met again, once, twice, then parting together. He felt Jared sigh, took his breath in, tongue pressing forward to meet Jared’s as Jared placed a hand on his thigh. They fell back on the bed, laughing when their noses bumped together. Jensen slid a hand beneath Jared’s shirt as Jared opened up more for him, moaning as Jensen’s palm pushed over heated skin. His fingers found Jared’s nipple just as his thigh slipped between Jared’s legs, and Jared’s response surprised him, hips bucking and teeth nipping at Jensen’s lips.

“Feisty,” Jensen teased, and Jared laughed and bit his own lip as Jensen’s hand traveled down to his crotch, rubbing over the bulge there. “Already so hard.” He felt playful now and made a show of being impressed, even as he felt himself getting harder, Jared smiling up at him, color high on his cheeks.

“I told you it’s been a while.”

“Oh.” Jensen pretended to wilt, pouting just slightly. “So it’s not just that I’m incredibly sexy?”

Jared rolled his eyes. “God, would you shut the fuck up?” He reached up and grabbed Jensen by the shirt collar, pulling him down for another kiss, but Jensen grinned and pushed him away, straightening up.

“Maybe if you take your fucking shoes off.”

“Fine.” Jared laughed, unable to control it and play it cool, shoving at Jensen as he sat up to take his shoes off. He took it a step further, pushing Jensen back on the bed while he stood up and pulled his shirt over his head. Jensen stared appreciatively from his position on his back, right leg bending up at the knee, hand drifting down to cup himself through his jeans. Jared looked a little self-conscious, but obviously not put off by the reaction, and took his time removing his pants. Jensen watched every movement of Jared’s hands on his belt, the slow descent of Jared’s zipper. His hand pressed down over his dick at the sight of Jared in just his boxers, the shape of Jared’s erection visible through the material.

Jared started crawling back onto the bed, then stopped short and jumped back up to grab for his jeans on the floor, grabbing his wallet out of a back pocket and tossing it onto the bed. Jensen raised an eyebrow.

“I thought we were leaving money out of this?”

“Funny,” Jared said, crawling onto the bed and picking the wallet up. He opened it and rifled through its contents, eventually tossing it off on the floor somewhere and tossing a couple of condoms and packets of lube onto the bed. “We’ll need these.”

“Shit, you’re right,” Jensen said, rolling over and kissing him. He felt like an idiot for forgetting something so essential. “Thank God one of us is prepared.” He lifted the packets in his hand. “Are these...for me?” It felt like a dumb question, and he felt like his instinct for what was happening naturally was accurate, but it wasn’t as if they’d taken the time to talk about their top or bottom preferences.

Jared grabbed him by the collar to pull him on top of him again. “Maybe if you’d take your fucking clothes off, they would be.”

Jensen felt a rush of heat and kissed Jared quickly before kneeling up and pulling his shirt off, then making quick work of his belt and jeans, slipping them down and off without leaving the bed. The packets were left beside them on the bed again while Jensen slid his boxers off, exposing himself completely. He heard a soft groan from Jared and looked to see him staring at his hard dick. Jensen felt himself twitch, but instead of grabbing himself, he reached for Jared, running a hand over the stretched material of Jared’s boxers and watching his eyes flutter closed. He knelt over Jared, tugging at the waistband and pulling the boxers off when Jared obediently lifted his hips.

It had been so long since he’d done this, Jensen almost felt like he’d lost all ability to function. But his hand moved on its own accord, palm smoothing over the curve of Jared’s dick, curled up over his belly, the tip already slick. He let his gaze move upward, over the rest of Jared’s body again, and found himself appreciating the muscle he’d seen the suggestion of beneath Jared’s clothes. Jared shook hair out of his face to look back at Jensen, eyes half-lidded, and Jensen laid down beside him, drawing him in for a kiss while slowly stroking his dick, slowly learning which touches caused Jared’s breath to hitch and hips to move to meet him. He thumbed more pre-come down the length of Jared’s dick and broke the kiss, their noses touching.

“You like foreplay?” he asked, reaching down to cup Jared’s balls.

“Mmm.” Jared arched a little and met his gaze, a look that would honestly make Jensen do whatever he asked. “I like your foreplay. But I’m starting to get impatient.”

Jensen had to sit up to find the packets he’d managed to lay on, the two of them laughing at how they stuck to his overheated skin. He opened up a packet of lube and spread it over his fingers, watching as Jared opened his legs wider and tilted his hips up, allowing Jensen to reach down, slipping some lube over Jared’s balls before moving further and finding Jared’s hole, fingertips rubbing over it until Jared gasped and one tentatively pushed in.

“Gotta be patient for a little longer,” Jensen said, taking his time opening Jared up, laughing when Jared somehow managed to moan and roll his eyes at the same time. He slipped another finger in, still moving slowly back and forth, watching Jared’s body rise on each push in, listening to the sound of his breathing, a thrill running through him at the little shock of pleasure that jolted through Jared when he pushed up in just the right place. Jared’s dick jerked on its own, lifting slightly and falling back on his stomach, more pre-come spilling onto his skin. Jensen knew he was wet now, too, and he quickly worked a third finger into Jared’s body, Jared tensing before groaning and relaxing again.

Jensen pulled his fingers out, fumbling for the closest condom, tearing it open with his teeth and rushing to slip it on, cursing at the contact. He moved between Jared’s legs, lifting them and looking down, watching as he pressed the head of his dick against Jared’s hole. He paused for a second, breathless, looking up at Jared. “Is this how you want it?”

Jared was flushed and groaning, tossing his head back and arching, not in the mood to argue about positions. Still, he took a second, then nodded and met Jensen’s eyes, reaching for him. “Yeah. Yeah, come on.”

Jensen pushed forward, lips parting as he felt the heat of Jared surrounding him. He dropped Jared’s legs, one hand still guiding himself in, the other hitting the mattress as he dropped forward, Jared grabbing at his arm. He adjusted as he moved in deeper, forearms resting on either side of Jared, Jared’s arms moving to his shoulders, legs pulling up and wrapping around him. He could feel Jared’s breath mingling with his own and caught a glimpse of Jared’s darkened eyes before kissing him, the touch of his lips soft compared to the hard drive of his hips as he started thrusting, Jared moaning and breaking the kiss, his head falling back again and exposing his neck. Jensen licked up the salty sweat there, Jared’s scent filling his nostrils, Jared’s body all around him, intoxicating as he kept a hard, breathless pace, his balls sticking to Jared’s sweaty skin on the push in.

He felt Jared’s chest heaving beneath him, heard the sound of their bodies moving together, Jared’s little broken cries that were obviously being held back. Jensen pushed up on his palms and moved faster, staying in deep, grinding, pressing up, and Jared’s voice opened up, his hands moving to grip Jensen’s forearms. Jared looked up at him, wide-eyed, then let his eyes flutter closed again. He grunted, moving, and Jensen moaned with the effort, taking a moment to figure out that Jared wanted a leg over his shoulder. He pushed the leg into place, held it there, moved his head to kiss it, not even sure where exactly, then pressed forward and held his hips there, making Jared squirm and curse.

“Stop,” Jared said suddenly, and Jensen took a second to let the word filter through his brain. He felt his stomach drop, wondering if something was wrong, and slowly pulled out. But he’d barely left Jared’s body before Jared was surging up off the mattress, wrestling him onto his back and straddling him. He gripped Jensen’s dick in his hand, stroking a few times over the latex, then guiding it back inside, sucking in a breath as he pressed his full weight down onto Jensen and rolled his hips.

Jensen’s mouth hung open as he watched, hands rubbing up and down Jared’s thighs. His hips lifted to meet Jared, and Jared groaned and leaned forward, hands balancing himself on Jensen’s chest, a forceful push as he moved up and down, finding just the right angle to make himself shiver. He was perfectly tight, and the way he clenched made Jensen jolt, finding his own cries matching Jared’s. He reached a hand between them, tightening it around Jared’s dick, giving him something to thrust into as he moved, a choked “Oh God” escaping Jared’s throat.

Jared pushed up, whole tall body straightening over Jensen as he rode harder, lip between his teeth, sweaty hair sticking to his forehead. Jensen lost his grip, but Jared replaced it with his own, jerking himself off while he moved. Jensen felt hot, felt close, but he needed Jared in his hands again, and he pushed himself up with some effort, sitting up with Jared grinding in his lap. He grabbed for Jared, one hand squeezing at Jared’s ass and urging him on, the other wrapping around Jared’s dick as Jared pulled him close, his tongue stealing Jensen’s breath away. He swallowed Jensen’s helpless moans, but knew what they meant, feeling Jensen’s body going taut beneath him.

Jensen’s orgasm hit him hard, his eyes squeezing shut as he moved both hands to Jared’s ass, pushing him down hard on his dick and holding him in place as he came, crying out as his body jerked with each spasm. He went lax when it was over, panting heavily, head resting on Jared’s shoulder. When he lifted his head, Jared kissed him and pulled off, Jensen groaning and removing the used condom. He could feel himself cooling down, but he moved for Jared anyway, pushing him back down on the bed and sliding down, licking up the underside of Jared’s dick before taking it in his mouth. Jared’s fingers fisted in his hair, and Jensen took as much he could, relishing in Jared’s taste, the sticky fluid on his fingers where he held the shaft. He heard his name called out in Jared’s strained voice, and he just hummed in response, pulling up to lazily roll his tongue over the head before moving down again.

He swallowed as quickly as he could as Jared’s come spread over his tongue, shot down his throat. He took it all, feeling high and boneless, letting Jared slip from his mouth as he softened.

“Come up here,” Jared breathed after a few seconds of panting in silence. He patted the bed beside him, and Jensen dragged himself into position, both of their hands roaming over each other’s bodies as they kissed again, Jensen sharing Jared’s taste with him. Jared sighed contentedly against him, and Jensen hugged him close. “I’m glad we did this.”

“Mmm,” Jensen agreed, eyes slipping closed. “Me too.” He knew it could just be the afterglow, but he felt happy and content; a pure feeling he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He reluctantly pulled away from Jared, finding the used condom and getting up to discard it. He cut the lights when he came back and helped Jared under the covers before sliding in under them himself, Jared immediately curling up with him.


Jared woke to the sound of Jensen’s voice. It took a moment for him to realize Jensen was on the phone, and another moment of listening had his lips turning up in a smile, even with his eyes still closed. He rolled over when Jensen hung up and set his phone down on the table by the bed, settling back in beside him.

“Did you just call out of work?”

Jensen smiled back at him, a little embarrassed. “Maybe.”

Jared forced himself to look wide-eyed and innocent. “Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine,” Jensen chuckled, rolling on top of Jared and wrapping his arms around him. “Do you have anywhere to be?” Jared shook his head, and Jensen reached up to brush hair away from his face. “Good. We have the room until 11, at least.”

“What about Donna?”

“She’s fine,” Jensen answered, and Jared was happy that he sounded so calm. “I called her first.”

“Yeah?” Jared’s eyebrows lifted. “You tell her why you weren’t coming home?”

“Not in so many words.” He leaned up and pressed a kiss to Jared’s lips. “But she told me to have fun. She was fine to start her day on her own. Said she was fine last night.”

“I’ll have to thank her later,” Jared joked, then kissed Jensen again. “I’m proud of you. And her. I knew you two could handle this.”

Jensen shrugged off the compliment. “We had help.” He shifted on top of Jared and felt Jared getting hard beneath him. He smiled, purposely wriggling around more until Jared laughed and pinched his side, yelling at him to stop.

“Don’t make fun of my boner,” Jared said, pouting playfully, and Jensen leaned down and bit his lip, making him laugh again. “You dick! Better find the other lube and condom before you get anything serious started.”

Jensen froze and then groaned, dropping his head onto Jared’s chest and shaking it back and forth. “Goddammit. Well.” He lifted his head again and looked around. “It’s gotta be in the room somewhere, right?”

“You can do it,” Jared said, slapping Jensen on the arm. “I believe in you.”

“You’re not even gonna help me?”

Jared snorted. “You’re the one who made a mess of everything last night.”

“Alright, fine. I see how it’s gonna be.” Jensen feigned being offended and got back up, searching the bed all around Jared, then dropping out of sight on the floor. “Got it!” he called triumphantly, his hand popping up over the side of the bed holding the packets, and Jared laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re such an idiot.”

Chapter Three


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