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Title: Unexpected Pleasures
Fandom: RPS
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Prompt: 069. Thunder.
fanfic100 Table: here
Word Count: 1,939
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP, fisting
Summary: Follow up to this and this. Jared's still a bossy bottom. Jensen still does what he's told. 

It’s a lazy day, the thunder from the passing storms outside a perfect reason to stay in together. They haven’t even left their bed, just slowly waking each other up with their warmth, slight touches and barely-there kisses that become something more. It’s all sort of hazy; an odd, gray day, with the two of them feeling the difference between summer break and filming, their bodies still adjusting, even though they’ve been doing this for years. The first week back is always the hardest.


They haven’t spoken yet, but Jensen can always tell when Jared needs him to accept his role; to take Jared’s orders for what he wants. It’s just something in the way Jared moves, the way he shifts in order to lead Jensen to move on top of him, and the relieved sigh when Jensen’s body falls between Jared’s legs in just the way he wants.


There’s silence for a few more moments, both of them hard, but just sharing loose, lazy kisses, tongues slowly tasting each other, and Jensen waiting for Jared’s next direction.


“Get the lube,” Jared finally murmurs, breaking the kiss between them. Jensen obeys, slicking up his fingers when Jared tells him to, then watching as Jared licks his lips and says, “Just one. Slow.”


Jensen sits down low on the bed, between Jared’s legs, slick fingers searching out Jared’s hole, then letting just one rub over it gently. He hears Jared’s sigh, watches Jared’s chest rise and fall, and he takes his time circling with the pad of his finger before slowly pressing inside. Jared hums in appreciation, eyes closed as his head falls back on the pillow, still breathing evenly like he just woke up. Jensen’s mildly aware of how warm and tight Jared feels on the inside, how much he’d love to thrust in deep, but he’s too good at this to let it get to him. He likes this, likes the build and the pride it gives him.


A few more moments of that one finger slowly sliding in and out, and Jared quietly asks for another. Jensen gives it to him, sticking with the crawling pace, so that he feels that bit of stretch he adds. He sees Jared squirm a little, sees Jared’s hips lift and he pushes in deep and crooks his fingers, making Jared moan in that way that Jensen knows is praising even without Jared saying it, pleasure of his own rolling down his spine, even though he hasn’t been touched.


“Good,” Jared breathes, just like Jensen knew he would. “So good.” A moment passes before Jared says, “Another,” and Jensen obliges, unable to help the eager feeling that springs up inside of him. The third finger he adds is usually the last; it’s usually enough for Jared to be ready to let him inside. Jared jolts when three fingers curl up against that spot, and Jensen can see the tip of his dick getting wet. He doesn’t rush anything, still waiting like he should, but his pulse speeds up in anticipation.


The pause here is longer than usual, but Jensen doesn’t say anything, not yet. He just keeps his fingers moving, keeps pleasuring Jared the way he wants, Jared turning his face into the pillow a bit as his hips lift. He can see hesitation in Jared’s expression, and he can only wait so much longer before asking if something is wrong.


“Another,” Jared finally says, and Jensen almost stops completely. But he gathers himself, squeezing more lube out onto his fingers and pressing them to Jared’s hole, the sight of them making his heart pound a little. This is unexpected, this ask. He wonders how far this will go, but he doesn’t ask. It isn’t his role to ask.


His dick twitches as he manages to push all four fingers inside of Jared, and he feels a pulse at that extra stretch, at Jared’s shocked but pleasured cry, and he knows that he’s wet now, too. This is something new, and it makes waiting more difficult than usual. He’s more aware of his own body’s needs this time, and it’s difficult to hold back as his fingers move just slightly, but it’s enough to get Jared moaning and grabbing his dick, stroking it while Jensen just tries to focus on breathing and waiting for Jared’s next request.


There’s more hesitation this time, and it hangs in the air between them. Jensen’s so fucking stiff, can feel himself throbbing as he wonders if Jared will really take this further. It’s not something they’ve ever talked about, and not something Jared’s ever mentioned wanting before, and it just adds to the odd feeling of the day, Jensen almost confused on top of everything else.


“Jared,” he says finally, and his voice is still gritty and unused, the first thing he’s said since he woke up. It’s a prompt, and Jared just looks back at him, a slight tremble in his body as he clenches around Jensen’s fingers and strokes himself again. Jensen’s never felt Jared this open before.


“Do it,” Jared answers, sounding wrecked already, pool of pre-come on his belly. “One more.”


It gives Jensen pause, and he almost wants to ask why, or if Jared’s sure. But he knows Jared wouldn’t ask otherwise, and a look between them says it all. Jensen swallows at the unexpected emotion, feeling that there’s no limit to the trust between them. He almost wonders how they haven’t been more adventurous before, given their bond. As long as Jensen’s the one taking the orders, Jared will be comfortable with anything.


Jensen feels that swell of pride again, feels that shiver down his spine, the ache in his balls, needing to get off. But he takes his time, using even more lube, slicking up his hand more than he ever has. He’s careful, so careful, not wanting to hurt Jared or push too fast. He holds his fingers and thumb together and starts pushing inside, partly caught up in the way Jared’s body is stretching around them, but trying to ignore his own urges as he watches Jared for any sign of discomfort.


Jared clenches a little, making Jensen pause for a second, and he starts taking deeper breaths, nodding at Jensen to urge him on. Those breaths start coming faster as Jensen’s hand fills him, Jared’s chest heaving as he writhes and moans. Jensen whines somewhere in the back of his throat, feeling all of the heat and strength in Jared’s body over his whole hand, wanting to touch himself so badly as he watches Jared do it, jerking himself off as Jensen gives him just the slightest back-and-forth motion.


He knows Jared’s going to come, knows he can’t help it, can’t imagine what it’s like to feel that full. He watches it happen, watches the white pulse out onto Jared’s body, feels the quake of Jared’s orgasm in his fist, and Jensen’s never fought so hard to keep control in his life. He’s so hard, so fucking wet, but he isn’t allowed relief, not yet. First, he has to slowly pull his hand free, Jared wincing at the feel of it, eyes closing after.


“Are you okay?” Jensen asks, completely hoarse, but he has to ask, has to know. Jared nods, but barely, and for a second, Jensen’s worried that Jared’s fallen asleep, but then Jared licks his lips and opens his eyes again.


“So good, Jen,” he says, and Jensen feels that shiver of pleasure again, even more so with the tired half-smile Jared gives him. “Come up here.”


He follows the order when Jared beckons to him, moving up Jared’s body, straddling him all up close, the perfect position to thrust into Jared’s mouth, but he doesn’t do it, not yet. Not until Jared tells him to.


Jared tastes him first, tongue slipping out to lick off the sticky-wet that’s already there, and Jensen groans helplessly.


“Come on,” Jared urges, whispering, hands moving to Jensen’s ass, and Jensen’s so grateful for the permission, gasping as the head of his dick slips past Jared’s lips, Jared’s tongue caressing the underside of it. Jensen grips the headboard and gets lost in the feel of it, hips jerking and rolling just slightly, pulling back more when Jared chokes a little, then swallows around him, recovering. He feels the grip of Jared’s hands on his ass, feels one of them move, Jared’s finger caressing his hole, the tip just flirting with slipping inside, and his body jolts as the room lights up, the storm still raging outside.


Jared pushes his finger in just a little deeper as his tongue swirls and he moans, and Jensen knows that’s Jared letting him go, letting him come, urging him to do it. One more short thrust and Jensen’s knuckles go white on the headboard, his cry lost in his own dry throat as he comes down Jared’s. Jared continues to finger him until he’s finished, continues to suck him until he’s soft and pulling away, gasping and panting, collapsing next to Jared. He knows it’s his job to help clean up, but Jared actually stumbles out of bed first, allowing him the time to lie there.


When Jared joins him again, they snuggle close, Jared’s fingers linking with Jensen’s. “You’re always so good for me,” Jared whispers, and Jensen squeezes his hand and turns into him more.


“What made you want that?” he asks, bringing Jared’s hand up to his lips and kissing it. “Not that I didn’t enjoy it.”


Jared shrugs. “I don’t really know. It just kinda happened as we started. And I knew I could trust you.”


“Always,” Jensen answers, not missing a beat. The loyalty and love that he feels for Jared is stronger than anything he’s ever felt.


They’re quiet for a moment before Jared speaks again. “Why do we never do this for you?”


Jensen raises an eyebrow and smirks. “Fisting?”


“No, not that,” Jared laughs, hitting him. “Or not just that. I just mean we fell into this thing of you doing what I want.” His expression turns serious as he catches Jensen’s eyes. “I’d do the same for you, you know.”


Jensen smirks again, appreciating the sincerity but unable to resist the joke, the tease. “You think you could?”


Jared cocks his head, smiles a little, and props himself up on an elbow, looking down at Jensen. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means I don’t think you have the discipline,” Jensen answers, cocky as can be, smug smile on full display. “You don’t have the control.”


Jared pounces on him then, and Jensen is forced to stay on his back, wrists pinned to the bed by Jared’s hands, a mischievous look in Jared’s dark eyes as his hair hangs in his face. “Are you challenging me, Ackles?”


“What if I am?” Jensen shrugs as much as he can in Jared’s grip. “You always tell me I’m old, but I can hold out. I’m experienced.” He licks his lips, enjoying how Jared’s expression seems to grow darker as he speaks, even as Jared’s grin widens. He lifts his head a little, staring straight into Jared’s eyes. “You wouldn’t last.”


Jared’s in his face then, their foreheads touching, breath mingling together. “If I couldn’t still feel you stretching me open,” he pauses for the groan that Jensen can’t help but give him, even if he tries to fight it, “I’d take you up on that challenge right now.” He releases Jensen’s wrists but lays down on top of him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “You’re on for next time, old man.”


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