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There's a comment fic post over at [livejournal.com profile] j2_threesixfive. You should check it out! I ♥ these things.

[livejournal.com profile] goodbyetoyou left this prompt: date @ burger king (or other fast food hamburger place). I decided to give it a try! :)

Jensen sighs as he collects the tray from the counter, nodding his thanks at the BK employee eyeing the stacks of food that nearly come up to his chin. He stops to fill up the cups teetering on the side of the tray, the normal-sized one moderately filled with Diet Coke, while the giant-sized one is now brimming with Fruitopia. He gets lids for the cups and takes a moment to strategically place them on the tray with the food, trying to minimize the potential for disaster when he decides to get on the move again. He looks around before picking the tray up, spotting Jared at a table by the window, and walks the slowest he ever has to his seat. Jared looks up when he plunks the tray down and smiles at him as if he’s just delivered a miracle straight to their table. But the smile fades when Jared surveys the food and drinks placed in front of him, and he looks hesitantly up at Jensen, hazel eyes large and pleading.

“…You forgot the ketchup.”

Jensen wants to glare, to sit down and tell Jared to get up off his ass and get it himself. But Jared’s hair falls into his eyes and he offers Jensen a small smile that just has Jensen heaving another sigh and stalking off to the ketchup dispenser, filling up a bunch of tiny little paper cups and grabbing a handful of napkins. Make that three handfuls of napkins. He knows how Jared gets when he eats.

When he gets back to the table, he glances down in surprise. Jared has neatly laid out all of his food for him, the wrapper opened up perfectly beneath his Whopper, a container of fries laid down next to it so that the ones that overflow are caught by the burger wrapper. A straw has been unwrapped and placed in his drink, and his chair has been pushed out for him. He looks at Jared, who hasn’t noticed him standing there, nor touched his own food yet, staring out at the playground attached to the place and watching the kids fly down the slide and land in the ball pit.

“Thank you,” Jensen says quietly, and Jared turns to him as he sits down, smiling again.

“This is a date, isn’t it?” Jared asks. Jensen chuckles and nods, taking a bite of his burger as he watches Jared dig into the stack of food in front of him. He watches as Jared bypasses his Fruitopia, his triple Whopper, steakhouse burger, chicken fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, poutine, Ciniminis and iced coffee, and goes straight for the kids’ Kraft dinner, Fruitsations, and chocolate milk. “Mmm…” Jared groans happily with a mouthful of macaroni and cheese. “I love you, Jensen.”

“Yeah,” Jensen says, neatly wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin and taking a sip of his Diet Coke. “I love you, too.”


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