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You should really check out the comment fic meme over at [livejournal.com profile] hd_obsession's LJ. It's pretty awesome.

I wrote a couple more comment fics for it today, and, seriously, why have I never done these things before??

1. Jared gets shin splints from running too often and the doctor tells him to stay in bed, Jensen helps with the boredom:

Jared hates it. He hates having to stay in bed for the weekend, even though he knows that aggravating his shin splints will do him more harm than good. He hates not being able to move through his usual routine. He needs to run, he needs to work out. He's an energetic guy, and Jensen? Jensen knows it. Which is why Jensen is only bringing him bland snacks when he gets hungry, since Jensen knows that Jared's usual intake of candy and sugar will send him bouncing off the walls. It's why Jensen brings him cups of decaf when he begs for coffee. And Jared hates it.

He hates it until Jensen brings in all of Jared's favorite movies, puts one on, and curls up in bed with him, a soft contented smile gracing his face. And that's when Jared realizes that this is a preview of things to come; that this is how the two of them will spend their time together when they're old, gray, and retired, and working out and stressing out are things that no longer matter. This is a preview of what he has to look forward to. And he likes it.

2. Jared finally convinces Jensen to grow his hair out:

You should grow your hair out. )
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So, I ended up linked to this comment fic meme through [livejournal.com profile] dean_sam. And I ended up checking out the prompts in the comments. And I ended up writing a comment fic for this one from [livejournal.com profile] sunnny:

J2: Jared expresses his gay love for Jensen by baking him a penis shaped cake. Jensen isn't impressed, but eats the cake anyway.

I'll post it here, too, just for fun. :P

Didn't realize you were so creative )


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